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HY-1402 Ions eye beauty stick
HY-1402 Ions eye beauty stick

Product Features:

 Negative ions (micro-current) induction

 7500RPM vibration massage

 24k gold plated ball roller

  Replacement 24K ball roller for washing

  Intelligent design, automatically work once touch skin

  590NM yellow light therapy


Product size: 130x20x20mm


Voltage: 1.5V (1 AAA battery)

Power: 120 mW 

Vibration: 7500 RPM



1)      24K gold-plated ball roller: By ballpoint massage, the 24k gold-plated ball roller generates energy elements of gold, release the active ingredients, activate subcutaneous fibrous tissue, promote collagen, thereby strengthening the tightness of collagen fibrous tissue, the skin becomes soft, firm and elastic. While activated cells, eliminate free radicals, anti-oxidation, and build long-term defense of skin aging core systems, so as to achieve the effects of wrinkle removal, flat lines, effectively relieve eye fine lines, crow's feet, nasolabial folds.

2)      Vibration massage:7500RPM vibration massage promote and improve blood circulation,accelerate skin metabolism, help massage parts pores open and promote better absorption of essence.

3)      590NM yellow light therapy: Decompose the pigment, Reduce spot and fleck. Increase the lymph drain toxin. Toning and tighting the muscle.

4)      Negative ions: activate cells, promote new and enhance skin elasticity, skin care products will be introduced into the basal layer, promote deep absorption.

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