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LED Light Therapy Treatment
LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that fights aging and damaged skin and can also have therapeutic effects. Light therapy treatments are typically affordable with several options available on the market. LED light therapy rejuvenates skin using red light therapy, blue light therapy and infrared light therapy. Common problems that are helped with LED light therapy include acne and aging skin, plus chronic pain and infection.

How It Works

  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes) light therapy simply applies light energy to skin for healing effects. The light causes a natural photobiochemical reaction that can be compared with plant photosynthesis. LED light therapy revitalizes skin by stimulating cellular renewal response from deep in the tissue. This helps renew and repair damaged cells and begins rejuvenating tired skin. NASA has proven that light therapy can promote human tissue growth and help heal wounds.


  • LED light therapy can help with a range of skin problems from anti-aging to acne and cellulite. Light therapy can also help with acne scars and stretch marks. Aside from skin problems, LED light therapy can also soothe sore muscles, relieve chronic pain and stiffness and increase circulation. It can also help treat teeth and gum problems. Infrared light therapy promotes collagen and elastic production.

Therapy Characteristics

  • LED light therapy does not cause pain. There is no recovery time or negative side effects. This type of therapy is not surgery. Patients do not experience any thermal damage, scarring or discoloration. Light therapy treatment can be used on all skin types.

Red Light Therapy

  • Red light therapy helps to increase blood circulation. It also reduces inflammation of the skin, nurtures damaged tissues and helps with moisture retention. This type of therapy is great to add to your basic skin care regimen. Red light therapy can also speed up the healing of wounds and infections, as well as reduce pain, as red light kills certain bacteria.

Blue Light Therapy

  • Blue light therapy is best for acne treatment, as it targets the skin molecules that cause acne bacteria. In turn, the molecules produce free radicals which destroy the bacteria. This is an ideal type of therapy for those who don't respond well to antibiotics.

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